Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello fellow nailers!
This is a new blog I created because I love nails and showing people how I do my nails. Now, I am far from a professional but I would love to go to beauty school to learn more. Like most of you out there, my hand that I don't write with always looks the best. I am right handed so my right hand doesn't always look the best. There are some things you could do that you don't need a steady hand to do and it still looks amazing. Water marbling is the biggest one and the nail art I always love to do. I will make a tutorial of how to do this when I have more time. I promise you though, the wait will be worth it. There is also stamping. I don't do this very often because I don't have a good stamper, but stamping is a tool you can use. It has plates with designs on them that you put polish in, scrape off the extra polish, put the stamper over the design you have nail polish on, and then just transferring it to your nails. When I get a nail stamper there will also be a tutorial on this. Like I said before, I am no professional but I love doing my nails. When I have some free time I am always doing stuff to my nails, that's how I got good at it. Practice, practice and more practice. I hope you enjoyed my very first entry to my very first blog of any kind. Until next time!