Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sister's Water Marble Tips

I did this on my sister's nails a while ago. She put her acrylics on while I helped her a little. And this is why I will never put acrylics on, I would much rather grow my nails or go to a salon to get them done. Hahah I suck at acrylics, but ANYWAYS... I did this manicure a very long time ago and recently found the picture of it. I dont remember what colors I used so Ill just show the picture. I hope you like it!!

Valentine's Day Nails

I really do not like Valentine's Day, but I love hearts. So any excuse to have hearts on my nails I will grab at the opportunity. These were done with nail polish, glitter, a few stamping plates, and rhinestones. I kinda love these nails. There are a few mistakes in them though so just look past that. :]

I used Funky Singers - Pop artist for the pink, Pure Ice - Crimson for the red on top, and put some glitter over that. For my stamping plates I used Salon Express SE21 for the hearts on my middle and pointer finger and SE20 for my thumb and pinkie. The black stamp on my pinky is from the ever so popular konad m57. I love how the rhinestones and in the middle of most of the hearts. I think this is a very cute nail design for Valentine's Day. Let me know what you think!

Friday, January 27, 2012


So I am just doing a quick post since I havent posted anything for a few weeks. This week has been pretty rough on me. While I found a new loved combo, I sadly didnt take any pictures of it before I took it off. This may seem weird but tomorrow I am going to a passion party (for those of you who dont know what that is, its an adult toy party. If you catch my drift. ;) ), I wanted to try to do little peepees on my nails to go with the theme of the party. I went to the store and got this awesome polish that looks like skin almost. Got home, and tried to work on it and it just wasnt working right. Ive have very bad luck with it so I gave up and painted my nails just pink. Oh well, I need more practice and a steady hand, for sure! I am going to try to post a whole bunch more though. My life has just been hectic latley with my job and trying to keep on good terms with my friends. I guess you cant please everyone. Oh well, goodnight all and thanks for reading my rants! :]

Friday, January 20, 2012

Its my first nail art post!

I am very excited to show you my first (GREAT!) nail art photo. Im very cocky about this one because its the best Ive done. At work today I kept telling my friend how much I love it and I was talking about nail polish pretty much all day. So here comes the pic!!!

While my cuticles may not be the best, I will be working more on that... But here it is!! Its a reverse french mani with Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and a pink that Im not sure the exact name because I dont have the bottle with me. But either way its pink. The bottom is supposed to be zebra print if you cant tell and the top is, of course, leppard print! Im in love with my nails right now and I will probably keep this one on for a while. Im still in the process of growing my nails too so yeah they are kinda short. This mani is a little chipped already from working today. Yes, work is very hard on my nails. Its so hard to keep nail polish on when your cleaning bath tubs and toilets (GROSS) all day long. Well thats it for this one. There will be more to come. I promise! ;]

Friday, January 13, 2012

Setting up!

My nail collection is increasing daily. I am now in the process of setting up my storage and my nail desk. I see a lot of nail bloggers that have their nail polish collection listed on their blogs and I just cant believe how many nail polishes some people have. I thought I had a lot (a pink caboodle full) but mine is tiny! Some of my most loved nail polish is so old its thick and close to dry. I feel like crying with some of them! Well I will make other post about my collection but thats all for now! Thanks for reading! :)