Friday, January 20, 2012

Its my first nail art post!

I am very excited to show you my first (GREAT!) nail art photo. Im very cocky about this one because its the best Ive done. At work today I kept telling my friend how much I love it and I was talking about nail polish pretty much all day. So here comes the pic!!!

While my cuticles may not be the best, I will be working more on that... But here it is!! Its a reverse french mani with Sally Hansen Blue Me Away and a pink that Im not sure the exact name because I dont have the bottle with me. But either way its pink. The bottom is supposed to be zebra print if you cant tell and the top is, of course, leppard print! Im in love with my nails right now and I will probably keep this one on for a while. Im still in the process of growing my nails too so yeah they are kinda short. This mani is a little chipped already from working today. Yes, work is very hard on my nails. Its so hard to keep nail polish on when your cleaning bath tubs and toilets (GROSS) all day long. Well thats it for this one. There will be more to come. I promise! ;]

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