Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails

I really do not like Valentine's Day, but I love hearts. So any excuse to have hearts on my nails I will grab at the opportunity. These were done with nail polish, glitter, a few stamping plates, and rhinestones. I kinda love these nails. There are a few mistakes in them though so just look past that. :]

I used Funky Singers - Pop artist for the pink, Pure Ice - Crimson for the red on top, and put some glitter over that. For my stamping plates I used Salon Express SE21 for the hearts on my middle and pointer finger and SE20 for my thumb and pinkie. The black stamp on my pinky is from the ever so popular konad m57. I love how the rhinestones and in the middle of most of the hearts. I think this is a very cute nail design for Valentine's Day. Let me know what you think!


  1. This super cute :) this month will be full of cute designs. Good luck with You blog. Stop by my blog it's only 4months old...I hope to keep growing as well

  2. Thanks. And thanks for being my first comment too! Lol I get excited by the small stuff. Goodluck with your blog too. Ill join it. :]