Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fish eggs && Flocking Powder

So Ive been seeing alot of people doing Fish Egg manis and Ive been wanting to try it so much. I love the effect micro beads give to your nails and I love the way it looks. I went to Michael's one day and bought a 6 pack of micro beads. I love how inexpensive they are and the fact that a nail polish brand is selling sets of these for $25. I think its pretty pointless to buy the set when you can just go to Michael's and get the beads for around $5, and you most likely already have polish to use. You can use any color you want and get the same effect. 

Back to my mani.... I used Pure Ice All Night Long for the polish. The color of the micro beads I used are called Passion. I also decided to try an effect I saw on Let Them Have Polish. It was done using flocking powder. Flocking powder is this sweater-like material that I also bought at Michael's. I like the way it looks on my nails but the texture isnt what you would think it would be. It looks like it would be very soft to the touch but its not at all. In the jar it kinda feels like stale cotton candy in a way. Either way, both of these effects are very cool on your nails.

Now this is my very first time trying this look out so please excuse the chips.

This is my right hand and I think it turned out better than my non-dominant hand which is different for me. lol

My sister wanted me to do her nails like this but she wanted me to use the cherry micro beads.  
On hers I put a coat of SV over them so hopefully the beads wont fall off.

After I was done with my nails I mixed the micro beads and flocking powder just to play around and it actually looked pretty good. 
This might be a nice effect too but I didnt try it out. Maybe my next mani I will?? We will see.

I hope you liked this post because I sure had a fun time doing it. I would wear micro beads alot if I didnt have a job where I most likely wont be able to wear nail polish!! :(((

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Eggs

I know I havent posted anything in a while, I have been really busy with work and just everything involved in life. BUT, I have to post this mani I did tonight. I tried doing easter eggs on myself and it was not very good at all. Im so bad at doing free hand nail art on myself because my hand is very shaky. When it comes to doing it on other people though, Im so much better. Still not a pro obviously but practice makes perfect! So here it is.....

I wish I had a more clear picture of it but the only camera I have right now is my cell phone. I know, VERY sad. I will upgrade eventually. Anyways, for this mani I used Julep Niecy and Jessica, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Kiss Nail Art Paint in Soft Purple and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow. Of course a base coat by Beauty Secrets and the most obvious a coat of Seche Vite. All of the nail art was free hand so that makes me even prouder of this one. My sister loves it too and Im glad because this one took me a little bit of time! Thanks for reading and I hope you love this one just as much as I do! HAPPY EASTER!!!!