Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas Time Water Marble Fuuuun

Yes, it is WAYYY past Christmas, but like I said last night, I found a lot of nail pictures on my phone and finally got them all on my computer. SO here comes the fun part!!

Water marbling is probably the funnest nail technique I know. I havent quite "mastered" it yet but Im pretty close. I love water marble because you can pretty much give your nails a tie-dyed look. Yes, everyone has a little hippie in them and I choose to let mine out in full force. I think Im kinda getting off topic here. Back to Christmas time marbleing!!
I know the green isnt very christmasy so I probably shouldnt call this one a Christmas time marble. Thats the only green I had at the time!!! Anyway, I really like how this one turned out. I forgot what polishes I used because it was last year. I know, not that long ago, but I have a bad memory. So please excuse me! :] What do you think of this water marble fun time? Also, when you do water marble, what are your favorite colors to use??

See Ya Next Time!!! :]

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